Why do we need to learn Python ?

Python is taken into account as a multi-paradigm language that permits programmers to use it in a manner to finish a project very quickly with fewer errors. Python usually is a type of language that doesn't seem to be hectic, it doesn't create any sort of confusion in the mind of users during programming. Learning Python's core concepts and programming offers you both as a user and as a developer to know how programming function works while also converting simple reasoning which will support you in other fields. It means for daily purpose you can implement your idea and can make use of it like a calculator.

Python is vastly considered because of the preferred language for AI. Python helps developers be productive and assured about the software they're building from development to deployment and maintenance. Simplicity and consistency, access to diverse libraries, and frameworks for AI and ML, flexibility, platform independence, and a good community are various reasons for python getting popular under the field of AI and ML. Python AI community is on a path of success across the world. Scientific Python packages like Scipy, Numpy, and Matplotlib are often installed in platforms to run programs in Python. Keeping Python aside, Matlab is also used.

So, friends all you need to dive deep in Python is curiosity, so

Let's get started with Python...

First of all, we need to download the platform or environment to carry out our Python coding. There are many platforms to work with. All has the same coding ability but being of advanced level it has more specific guidance inbuilt.

Python Idle

Visual Studio Code

NOTE: Jupyter notebook is the most advanced platform, can be downloaded from ANACONDA


user command: python -m pip install jupyter

Instructions to add the path:

1. Find the path where your python file located, it will be like the location given below :


2. Copy the path written in your bar.

3. Right-click on your This PC and go to settings - advance settings - select Environment Variables there - double click on the path - add the copied path there.

4. You are ready to use your other platforms than Idle.

These will sufficiently enough for the beginners to work upon. Once you understand working on these you yourself will be able to download any other platform. 

The most valuable thing to use commands prompt(cmd):- 

  • it tells the version of python you are using       - python ––version

  • can install libraries with it, by using command - pip install (library name)

  • if there are errors than cmd also provides its solution to it.

Now, you are all set with installation and brief knowledge of python. 

Given below is a glimpse of Python just look by clicking.

The python file is implemented with its outcomes. It contains list, tuple, set, dictionary, string, datatypes, if-else, methods, slicing, and much more.

The full Python Course is here in this file! - CLICK

Advance Python

In this section, there is advance knowledge of whatever you have read yet on crazzylearners' python section. And you will get familiar with some new concepts such as NumPy, pandas,

plotting, and much more.

Difference between python and other programming languages

Difference between python and other languages, coding length difference

Python is a bit harder programming language as it contains the functions that are widely used, and effectively designed to reduce code length. Therefore, it requires a quick revision.

Hey!!, Are you done with above topics?

If yes, then you know you are now compatible to learn concepts of Machine Learning.