UNHEARD: MORGAN, VISION OF Artificial Intelligence…!!!

In today’s fast-growing Artificial Intelligence period, some of us are left with what has been made in the year 2016, a horror movie trailer!!

Morgan, a horror movie trailer was created by the researchers at IBM. Do your ears believe? Wonderful hall of fame to achieve. This is the use of AI generally remains unlooked at. Its construction was set at the data from 100 film trailers or even horror movie trailers that cut into scenes or separate moments. It was inputted as feeding data, another input was the consideration of the sound effect on that particular moment so that an idea can be taken by AI to predict how trailer dynamic works.

The only single-step where a human hand came into action, when 90 min of trailer processed with data then they need to select moments from that, human hand was responsible for grouping moments, to tell the story in a direction.

Afterall, isolated 10 scenes from that 90 min creation, to create a trailer of 6 minutes, released in the UK.

Normally for creating a trailer and arrangement, the needed period is about 10 to 30 days. An interesting fact is a period that AI model had taken was…

Guess the duration AI model had taken to the built trailer, your guess only…

About the author: Mr. Anmol Varshney, an alumni of 2nd year B.Tech-CS (AIML) at GLA University.

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