Unbeatable language, Python...

A fourth-generation programming language, Python.

Programming is just like Yoga, in our daily life. We will be benefitted as we start diving deep into the Programming. Day by Day we learn something new and moving from Novice to Professional. Python is a very popular programming language whose support is everywhere like Machine Learning, Data Science, Image Processing, Video Processing, Web Development, Games Development, and many other fields also. Python is very easy to learn, easy to code, simple, less LOC (Lines of Code), and the most important thing it is most interesting. If we get errors in the programs, then it is good. Surprised!! Yes, it is true because errors help us a lot in learning any Programming language. So do not afraid of errors, just read the error and rectify it.


Python is very rich in modules and libraries which can be used for various purposes. We have a random module, date-time module, time module, NumPy, pandas, etc. Now see one poem which is present in one module named ‘this’. Just write ‘import this’ and you will get the Poem.

About the author: Mr. Piyush Vashistha, python lecturer at GLA University.

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