Quantum computing to probe massive black-hole mystery

A scrambling massive black hole in a galaxy and its mystery! A black-hole, that lies somewhere in a galaxy, is unable to be spotted if seen through a normal telescope as it is very far away from the earth. Spotting it will be like spotting a small fruit at the surface of the moon. To spot it, an earth-sized telescope is required which is impossible to make.

Scrambling information inside a black-hole, Event-Horizon
Quantum Computing to probe massive Black-hole mystery

The first picture of a massive black-hole was observed by Katie Bouman through ‘The Event Horizon Telescope’ in which eight different radio telescopes at different locations, around the world, were set up-the entire planet was turned into a huge telescope dish. The number of images received that were difficult to analyze but finally, it was observed to be a black hole after applying many ML algorithms for the detection and analyzation of several images from the galaxy, especially CNN(for image detection) and ANN(for getting output information in correspondence to thousands of input). But a mystery continues. The scrambling(what happens to the matter that disappears inside a black-hole) information resides inside a black-hole is the biggest mystery that is yet to be solved.

Quantum’s approach to Black-hole mystery

Artificial Intelligence and its exclusive approach can even make possible to find a needle from a soil pile. Now, can it be possible to retrieve the lost information from the black-hole? Previously, it was not possible to even think about it but now AI presented an explosive and exclusive Quantum computing. It is believed that one day, the quantum computer with seven-qubits can make it possible to simulate the information scrambled inside a black-hole. As per the quantum mechanics, information is never stray, even it resides inside a black-hole. When it is claimed by the event horizon(boundary or layer around the black-hole beyond which nothing can escape that the matter is being lost inside the massive piece, it is further claimed by the quantum study that it can be reconstructed but will take time, possibly until the black-hole shrinks to half of its original size. It is due to the Hawking radiations caused by quantum fluctuations at the edges of the black-hole. But, unfortunately, it will take an unbelievable period which is even more than the Universe’s age.

Quantum calculation and Teleportation

Thoroughly, it may be possible to fetch the fallen information by measuring the quandary/entanglement between the black hole and the radiations it emits. Usually, two-bit information is entangled, when they are closely linked, in such a way that one’s quantum state is more likely able to illustrate the state of another qubit. These measurements of entangled quantum bits may lead to the teleportation of information from qubit to qubit. Placing a qubit (entangled qubit) inside a black-hole and probing the emerging radiations that can determine the qubit state inside that black-hole, more precisely. Thus, the recovery of information from such a massive black-hole is significantly possible by quantum calculation using qubits.

Quantum mechanics gives a possible way to deal with complicated mysteries, if it is believed thoroughly. For the sake of convenience, a scrambling quantum circuit was created on three-quantum bits within the seven-qubit of a trapped-ion supercomputer(namely, Quantum Computer), taking observation on the decay of OTOC(out-of-time-correlation). With the scrambling in the three-qubit circuit, the purpose is to observe the OTOC of the teleportation between the qubits. During this, the information of one particle is found to be spread into the entire system, they created in a lab. The quantum computing proves that with scrambling, information which seems lost is actually not lost but it is still hidden between the particles. The experiment lits up a hope by providing significant insights for the development of quantum computing that may be useful for the clearance of black-hole mystery.

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