The injection of complex data into computers and the new developed algorithms that suggest solutions to these complex medical problems is referred to as Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.

Artificial intelligence is showing a big growth in many fields like autonomous vehicles (self-driving cars), creating games, image recognition, health-care, search engines, spam filtering, online assistants etc. AI will have a great impact, in the coming years, on health industry due to the ways healthcare industries are using AI.

Earlier doctors faced problem either in the detection of certain diseases or in the treatment of diseases like Cancer. AI provided medicines and vaccines to doctors for the treatment of such diseases in the less possible time. Now AI is performing as good as specialized doctors in identification and detection of diseases. But it cannot replace doctors and nurses as it makes the work of doctors more effective and accurate than earlier. Hence, the use AI in the field of health and medicine, boost up the confidence and reduces the stress level of doctors, also providing the optimum results.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a technique used to display internal structures of body more clearly than X-Ray. Therefore, MRI is also an important feature of AI which is also helping doctors to study and examine patient’s body structure more accurately. Due to AI the treatment time reduces almost to half. As AI is developing, but the adoption and utilization of the applications of AI in healthcare on the daily basis is quite a big challenge in this domain. So this can be overcome by making people aware about its benefits. We can say that, the future of medical and AI are connected to one-another.

About the author: Miss. Akshi Gupta, an alumni of B.Tech-CS (AIML) at GLA University.

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