How Facial Recognition Emerged using Artificial Intelligence.....!!!!

Artificial intelligence and face recognition are considered as different systems and mechanisms but they both are intertwined to one-another.

Artificial neural networks and Deep learning, they together are responsible for many developments and evolution in the perception utilized by face recognition technique. This technology is able to analyze person’s digital image, this is done by comparing image of person with faces within database.

“Artificial Intelligence enable human to understand, appropriately trust, and effectively manage the developing generation of artificially intelligent partners........"

Facial recognition technology uses efficient designed systems in airports, big malls and other public places, we can easily identify a person among the crowd of people. As compared to other bio-metric technology, facial recognition requires quality measure because large degree of variations may occur in the images of face. The performance of face recognition systems gets affected due to factors like expression, noise and different poses during face capturing. After being so advanced among all bio-metric techniques, face recognition has highest rejection scale.

3-D facial recognition

Three-dimensional face recognition technology also gets introduced in this era of technologies and techniques. This technology uses 3-D sensors to grab the information related to shape of face. Then collected information is utilized to identify discrete features of face like eyes, nose, chin, etc. 3-D technique is not easily disturbed and affected by changes in lighting like other bio-metric techniques. Now, a new feature is proposed to capture a 3-D image by the use of three tracking cameras. These three cameras points at distinct angles. One will be at front side of object, other will be at side part of object and last one will be at an angle. All three cameras will perform together in order to a subject’s face in real time.

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