Explosive! combination of Quantum Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Here presents an explosive combination of two super fast and super-advanced technologies, Quantum Computer and Artificial Intelligence. One has an understanding that AI can revolute the world more than water, fire, and fascinatingly electricity.

Explosives! Combination of Quantum Computers and Artificial Intelligence
Quantum Computer

Artificial Intelligence is already influencing the world by metamorphosing virtuality into reality from self-driving cars, selfie types, and greatly through exploration. As well in the medical field, it has shown such a fascinating impact in extending our life by upgrading our organs. Whales are used to live a long life of about 200 years which AI will surely target.

Quantum Computers are still far away even from the reach of AI. But they need algorithms too therefore quantum computers accelerate AI which crosses every limit. AI has criteria that try to learn from the experiences through the outcomes.

Quantum Computers are called to be a 'death ray' as they carry a dangerously cool temperature of about -273 C which actually is even colder than outer space. It's all about

"The colder they are, the better they become."

Withstanding such cold temperature they become static and thereby their quantum effect increases and has a high impact than before.

An example persists, consider Oxygen molecule its atom shares an electron, that electron does not exist there anymore it starts revolving around both of the Oxygen atoms at the same time, means move at extremely high speed, called as superposition. It is only a chip which is too smaller than a supercomputer.

Particle inside the Quantum Computers, Qubit can lie in two different positions all at once. Normal computers use bits 0 & 1 but a qubit can be 0 &1 at the same time, sounds a little bit confusing but it is true. While checking them we see that the same qubit shows sometimes 1, sometimes 0. The reason is yet unknown, there is a novel prize waiting for you all you need is to find the reason for it. These also work on the probability concept as AI does.

Two entangled qubits have 4 states: 0 & 1 | 1 & 0 | 0 & 0 | 1 & 1 . Adding a qubit multiplies its states 2 times. To double the power of supercomputers we need to double its size. But in quantum computers all we need to increase a small qubit.

With 300 entangled qubit number of states, they form are greater than the number of atoms present in the known Universe. Quantum technology along with AI detect patterns and let us know about ourselves better than what we know before. Security drawn by quantum technology will be unbreakable, if an attempt ever made to break it it will automatically destroy itself.

It can build hypersonic planes, impactful weather changes, it can solve the mysterious concept of what exists inside the black hole, unlock the hidden concepts of nature. Once AI has a hand with it don't need to answer a single choice among outcomes as quantum can commit all choices that might exist all at once. AGI(Artificial General Intelligence) is yet beating humans in the form of alpha 0.

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