Digital Twins are virtual replicas physical world that our researchers and IT pros use to analyze before creating it, it provides a dynamic digital representation of any data inputted. It can be easily understood by the word ‘HOLOGRAM’. Data scientists use their ability to optimize deployments for their great efficiency and creates other what-if scenarios. Its idea firstly arose at NASA in 2002, NASA copied the space on the ground to mirror and diagnose problems in orbit, effectively gave away a wonderful concept of a digital twin.

Depicts the virtual image of real image.
Digital Twin

Can say it designs the virtual footprint of any product. Digital Twins which incorporates Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things are key in Industry Revolution 4.0 and are predominantly used in the Industrial Internet of Things, engineering, and manufacturing business space.

These digital assets are designed by using sensors. To create a twin of anything you want, the engineers collect and synthesize that data from various sources including operational data, manufacturing data, and various algorithms. All this information along with AI algorithms is integrated into a physics-based virtual model and by applying Analytics into these models we get the relevant insights of these models. The consistent flow of live data helps in getting the best possible insights and analysis regarding the data which helps in the business outcome. Thus the digital twin will act as a live model in the physical world.


Digital Twin is based on the concept of the next big thing in most of the business sectors, which helps in exactly predicting the live state and future of physical assets through the analysis of their digital counterparts. Digital Twins can gain better insights on product performance, improve customer services, and strategic decisions based on these verified insights. Let’s analyze its useful implementation:

  • Manufacturing: Digital Twin is supposed to change the working of the manufacturing sector. Digital Twins have a significant impact on the way products are designed manufactured and maintained. It makes the manufacturing of products more efficient and optimized while reducing the throughput(fast data processing) time.

  • Automobile: Digital Twins can be used in the automobile sector for creating the virtual model of a connected vehicle. It captures the behavioral and operational data of the vehicle and helps in analyzing the overall vehicle performance as well as the connected features. It also helps in delivering truly personalized service for the customers.

  • Retail: Having customer experience is a key feature in the retail sector. Digital twin implementation can play an important role in augmenting the customer experience by creating virtualized twins for customers so that they can easily get of that particular product on that virtual model. Digital Twins can help in developing in-store planning, security implementation, and energy management in a better manner.

  • Healthcare: Digital Twins can play a major role in the health care sector from cost savings to patient monitoring and providing personalized health care. It works in a manner that a twin will be created of patients whose insights are easily seen which will lead to easy detection of disease.

  • Smart Cities: The smart city planning and its implementation with the use of Digital Twins and IoT data will help in enhancing economic development, well management of resources, and sudden upliftment in the quality of a citizen’s life. The digital twin model can progress the business of city planners and policymakers in the development of smart city planning by gaining insights through assets from various sensor networks and intelligent Artificial Intelligence. The data from the digital twins help them in arriving at informed decisions regarding the future as well.

  • Industrial IoT: Industrial firms that are implemented with digital twin can now extraordinarily monitor, track, and even control industrial systems digitally. Apart from the operational data, the digital twins capture environmental data such as location, configuration, financial models, etc. which helps in predicting the future operations and anomalies


This revolution is one the fastest growing phase of industries ever that embraces manufacturing technologies, automation, quality, data exchange, and much more. We have a traditional thought “first build and then tweak” which after reading digital twin now seems no longer exist. With the progress and implementation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, seems machine shortly will take autonomy to another level. It really can twin anything… therefore many of the major companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc have hand involved in it.

Look at its video here:

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