Do you know guys ...What is this CHATBOT???

Many of us are aware of this term “Chatbot” but only few correctly know what exactly chatbot is. Here is the answer, Chatbot is a computer program which mimics human conversation and this conversation can be written, spoken or both.

Capability of chatbots to learn that how to discover different patterns and recognize data is only possible by the use of Artificial Intelligence. Due to this ability chatbots are able to solve problems, perform tasks and manage all the information without any human interference. Friends, chatbots are not typical!! Firstly, it introduces itself and then we will ask our query or question to it. Then the chatbot examine its knowledge or programming languages and answers to query. There is no requirement to login for using the chatbot to access the information, so there is no Login or Registration page for the user. Isn’t it easy??

Guys! do you know...Chatbots are like PERSONAL ASSISTANTS of user that are used to handle administrative tasks (For example, Setting Reminders, collecting information from internet, Answering to Questions, Scheduling Meetings) , which make the work of the user easy and fast without much burden.

"Chatbots represent a new trend in how people access information, make decisions and communicate."

So friends there are no coding efforts or requirement of any level of technical knowledge to build a chatbot. It requires the use of proper knowledge of AI only. Now companies are building chatbots as prototypes. NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING plays a major role in the development of chatbots, as it allows chatbots to identify key phrases from the question or message asked by the user and hence provide better response.

There are huge number of chatbots that are available like “Watson Assistant”,, Imperson, Botsify, Octane AI, Inbenta, Snatchbot,, etc. Chatbot’s algorithms are provided with the large amount of data which is explore for the model which are able to convert output that is right according to the programmers. Thus, the data is treated as set of examples that specify right outputs for large number of given inputs. So Guys hope you enjoyed... Happy Learning!

About the author : Miss Akshi Gupta, an alumni of 2nd year B.Tech-CS (AIML) at GLA University

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