Brain Transplant surgery under Artificial Intelligence unique techniques...

Is it achievable to exchange the brains of two individuals? Do you think, can it be possible to transmit the memories or brain of one person to the other person? A surgical technique that is used to transfer the brain of one individual in another person’s body is called brain transplant. It is really a dangerous technique and the success percentage is quite low.

Upcoming Brain Transplant Technology

During brain transplantation, sometimes the brain of the recipient removed and sometimes not. There are many difficulties in brain transplant, firstly there are millions of nerves like fibers that are connecting the body of a person with the brain. So, it is mandatory to reconnect them in the correct place to move and supervise the body according to the mind instructions.

Can we perform the surgery of brain transplant with AI?

Artificial intelligence is presently beneficial in renal, kidney, liver, and other organ transplantation. It can also be useful to transplant the brain in quite different ways. As it is practically impossible to reconnect the millions of nerves that are connecting the brain and body so, artificial intelligence can be utilized to design the Nanorobots that can operate these kinds of surgeries. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla has launched the tech startup Neuralink to frame implants that can connect human brains and computers attached by the use of artificial intelligence.

The main goal of using Neuralink is to treat and understand different kinds of brain and spine related disorders. This upcoming AI technology would see the classes of minuscule, flexible electrode “threads” embedded into the human brain with the help of neurosurgical robots. This will surely be helpful to construct a scalable high bandwidth Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) system. Therefore, it can easily relate the brain to an external device to form a Brain-Machine Interface.

Threads inserted by neurosurgery robots

Each electrode body is wrapped inside a small implantable device that consists of custom wireless chips that measure four by four millimeters. The threads would be implanted one by one into the brain "with micro precision” by a tiny needle at the end of the neurosurgical robot that measures around 12 microns in radius. This would enable us to point only the definite parts of the brain and avoid unwanted damage to any blood vessel.

Max Hodak, the president of Neuralink announced that the surgery would require drilling holes into the skull of the patient to implant the threads. However, they expect to use the laser beam in the future in order to pierce the skull with a series of tiny holes that would not be sensed by the patient. The embedding would work by recording instructions and information that neurons emitted in the brain. The brain’s neurons attach to form a wide network through synapses. At all these connecting points, neurons communicate with one another by using chemical signals known as neurotransmitters.

In 1982, Dr. Dorothy T. Krieger, chief of endocrinology at Mount Sinai Center in New York accomplish success with the partial transplant of the brain in mice. Humans who are having body cancer of some other serious disease will be able to change their bodies. Afterward, people can live long by changing their bodies with robotic bodies. There have been many examinations but no success accomplishes. Artificial intelligence can provide efficient support in this regard to attain success. Therefore, if brain transplant becomes completely successful then it can lead to many wonders that can be surprisingly good or bad.

Comment out your views can it surprisingly be good or fatal?

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