With the drug development, front-page news around the whole world of technology, a quieter but advanced innovative story is growing slowly in automation circles. AI models and computerized drug lab from IBM, which could reduce the cost and time which was earlier associated with drug synthesis and its maintenance. The robots are the indispensable tools in the drug development lab. As the requirement for faster drug development, manufacturers and scientists have finally adopted systems that will give new levels of accuracy and efficiency.

IBM Drug Lab

About IBM drug lab

IBM has recently created a new chemistry lab or drug lab named Robo-RXN in the cloud. It combines Artificial intelligence-based models, a cloud computing platform, and robots. These models, robots help scientists to design and synthesizes the new molecules while working from home. The IBM system utilizes the concept of computational modeling and figures out chemical reactions to aid human chemists in the production of new molecules. The technique allows the biochemists to work remotely via an automated lab.

How does it work?

This online lab platform helps researchers to log in through a web browser. On a blank canvas, the skeletal structure of the molecular compounds is drawn that they want to make. This platform uses machine learning algorithms to predict the different ingredients needed and the order in which they should be mixed. Then the instructions are sent to the robot to execute the result. Once the examination is done, the platform sends a report to the scientists with the results obtained.

Why does it matter?

As per previous observations, new drugs and related materials requires an average of around 10 years and $10 million to design them and bring them into the market. Most of the time is spent in the laborious repetition in analyzing how to synthesize new compounds and how to learn from trial and error. IBM assumes that Robo-RXN could speed up the process by using automated experiments.

Also, it would reduce the costs of drug development and allow researchers to provide faster results during health crises like the current pandemic situation, in which social distancing has caused slowdowns in the lab work. The IBM system is an exciting illustration of the advantages that Artificial intelligence and automation computerized technologies, especially robots can bring to the drug discovery process.

Given the times we live in, surely, we can use all the advantages we can get.

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