Artificial Intelligence: A Safety Wall Against Pandemic Situation...

The first news of Coronavirus (COVID-19) was reported in Wuhan in China. Now it has spread to around 100 countries of the world. As China toke-up its response to this virus, it drifted on its powerful technology sector and especially to artificial intelligence and its technology to track and fight the pandemic.

How AI is used to fight against Coronavirus

AI to diagnose the coronavirus

An artificial intelligence company named InterVision developed an AI solution that helps to detect coronavirus and examine the disease accurately. This solution enhances CT diagnosis speed.

AI to identify and track the pandemic

Better we will track the coronavirus, better we can fight with it and protect us. By evaluating the news reports, social media platforms, and government decisions, AI can learn to predict an outbreak. Recording infectious disease exposure by using AI is completely the maintenance Canadian startup Blue Dot administers. In fact, the Blue Dot's AI predicted the risk a few days before, the World Health Organization announced their public warnings. Hence, AI had already identified and warned about this situation.

AI to identify infected individuals

A controversial utilization of AI and its technology, China’s supervision system uses facial recognition technology of AI and temperature detection software to identify the individual who might have a fever and having more probability to be infected with the virus. The Chinese government has also developed a system to examine named Health Code that uses big data to evaluate and determines the exposure of every person based on their travel history. It identifies how much time the person has spent in virus hotspots area and the possible risk of the person carrying the virus.

Robots to deliver food and sterilize

Robots are not affected by the coronavirus, so they are being used to perform different tasks like sterilizing, cleaning, and delivering food and medicine to diminish human-to-human contact. With the help of Drone, medical supplies are being delivered wherever there is a requirement of these supplies. This is also the fastest and safest way to deliver medical supplies. Drones are also helpful to inspect public places, track infringement to quarantine authorization, and for thermal imaging.

Drugs development

Google’s Deep Mind division is making the use of its latest AI algorithms and its computing power to figure out the needs that might be developing the coronavirus, and declare the findings to help others develop its vaccination. Benevolent AI utilizes AI systems to develop drugs that can fight the various world’s toughest diseases. Now it is also supporting to treat the coronavirus, the first time the company concentrated its product on infectious disease treatment. Within a few weeks of the outbreak, it used its anticipating capabilities to recommend existing drugs that might be helpful during this situation.

Advanced fabrics offer protection

Many companies all over the world are helping to arm healthcare systems by making face masks which are made from anti-pathogen and anti-bacterial fabric that relies on metal-oxide nanoparticles. Some companies are providing Sanitizer machines to maintain a healthy atmosphere.

Supercomputers functioning on coronavirus vaccine

The Supercomputers and Cloud Computing resources of different leading tech-companies are being used by researchers to develop the vaccine for the treatment coronavirus as soon as possible. The speed of these systems can run calculations and model solutions faster than normal computer processing.

"In such a global pandemic situation like COVID-19, artificial intelligence and data science become demanding to help society completely."

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