ArtificiaI Intelligence, presenting more efficient and appropriate teaching

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Within the period of the next ten years, robots will start replacing teachers in schools, colleges, and universities as part of a revolution in the one-to-one way of learning.

Robot teachers might be a grear achievement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Teaching Robots

This new and advanced stage of automated teaching agreement can or cannot be an edge to the growth of children. As the personalized essence, the robots will enable people to learn new and different things by their own understanding rather than as part of a class. The capability of automated teaching would also suggest that only 30 percent of school hours will be contributed to the classroom.

The first revolution figure-out the concepts of learning on the basics of survival - foraging, growing crops, building shelters, and hunting. The second revolution includes the first organized way of sharing knowledge and the third revolution was marked as the invention of printing.

“This upcoming technology that robots will replace teachers is beyond anything that we have seen in the industrial revolution or since with any of the other new technology.”

Teaching robots or Automated teaching machines would be the extraordinarily inspirational. The humans will still there be walking around during the school hours, but this inspiration in terms of intellectual excitement and thoughtful motivation will come from the lighting-up of the brain for which the machines will be admirably well-organized and maintained.

This intellectual technology is already at a starting point to take place in the world and it is previously there on the west coast of the US and started to transform the teaching style of schools. This all is expected to happen in around the next ten years.

What can be the drawback of this upcoming technology?

The great threat of this technology is that it takes away the jobs of many people and for humans, many of the satisfaction in life comes from the satisfaction of work. If we obtain the wrong technology it will surely end up by performing everything for us in the same way as that satnavs mean who no longer know how to read the maps.

Experts conclude that automated teaching of mathematics and science will form the vanguard of machine learning, but that sophisticated or we can say degraded algorithms would soon be devised to teach the humanities.

What do you all think, Will robot teachers be a good step of AI?

Share your views with us!

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