Have you ever wonder how AI is used in social media?

Well....... AI plays a drastic role on social media platforms. Even people are not aware that they are using AI daily. Yes, you heard it right, using AI in daily routine.

AI has become a key component of the popular social media networks that we are using in our daily life and obviously social media has become a intellectual part of our life from business to personal.

Do you know FACEBOOK uses Machine learning in every aspect?

Either we are scrolling the news feed or browsing the images or videos, we have been a part of seeing Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. It also uses AI, in partitioning the content of our feed on the basis of our priority like what we used to explore more. INSTAGRAM uses AI to identify visuals and LinkedIn uses AI to offer job recommendations, suggest people we might like to connect with, and serving us with specific posts in our feed. SNAPCHAT leverages the power of computer vision, an AI technology, to track our features and overlay filters that move with our face in real-time. So, friends there are a lots of more social media platform that uses AI to track their users.

AI poses to be a great opportunity for social media marketers and it is beneficial for social media marketers and businesses. It can enhance our connection and communication with users. It enables social media marketers to get closer with their users and understand their preferences. Friends when we open Instagram, there are some new ads for us. All these ads are related to what we search for. We move to the explore section and can find thousands of related posts that interest us.

But, just think how is that possible? Well again guys, AI made it possible for the marketers. This is not just the story of Instagram but pretty-much every social media platform today. Every major brand is approaching towards this technology. In my views, social media platforms are

"Thinking and Acting like Humans as well as Rationally".

In the future as well, AI would play a major role for every marketers and businesses.

About the author: Mr. Anikesh Chowdhury, an alumni of 2nd year B.Tech-CS (AIML) at GLA University

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