A comfortable miles drive...

No need for the driver now, cars can run smoothly eliminating human errors.

A car without any driver!!

As depicted in the image above, one doesn't need any alertness with no hindrance.

Another magic in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The idea was first introduced by General Motors, at a world fare 1939. This idea was taken into consideration and Japan achieved a great success in designing a fully autonomous car in 1977. In 1980's Europe achieved a footing in AVs with the EUREKA, navlab and ALU. In 2014 google approved it with a hundred percent prototype. Tesla released a software update for a marvelously designed, self-driving car in 2015.

When we look at machine learning part we conclude it as in binary format that either it will drive itself or won't. But the levels are broke down by a specialized automotive expert :

  • Level 0 - " Zero automation"

  • Level 1 - " Driver assistance"

  • Level 2 - " Partial assistance"

  • Level 3 - " Condition automation"

  • Level 4 - " High automation"

  • Level 5 - " Full automation"

These cars carry technology like GPS, laser, sensors and sonar technologies to assist itself for the automation functions such as lane detection, automatic breaking, 360 camera view, etc. In these fast growing years between 2020-25 there are over millions of cars over the globe. Looking at the negative side, that it might cause accident than we can say humans already are much involved in accidents. These cars are designed in a manner to reduce human error and drive safely on road. A trip of 375 miles was conducted in France without any human involvement in the year 2015 which was very well executed, with no accidents. Google also has 12 or more autonomous cars on road in the Silicon Valley and reports show that they yet didn't meet any accident.

" Self-driving cars are leading to a trustable relation between Artificial Intelligence and human life."

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