Elon Musk

Elon Musk, a man with a genius mind! Who else hasn’t heard about this great personality in this era of technology and innovation? He is an engineer, technology entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder of many interesting as well as unique companies of the world that are trending as well.

A man with a great mind became a part of this earth on 28 June 1971. He was born in South Africa but started his real-life journey to earn name and fame, with his remarkable work, in the USA. After earning degrees in economics and physics, he moved to Stanford University for studying Ph.D. But it will be harsh to believe that after the two days of admission he dropped out his study from Stanford University in 1995 and moved on to try his luck and intelligence. He, along with his brother Kimbal, started working on a web software company namely Zip2 and sold that for $340 million in 1999 and moved on to another company, PayPal (an e-payment website that was further sold to eBay worth for $1.5 billion), that earned him the name. These contributions and business strategy made richer day by day and made him famous as well.

But this man is unstoppable. He was not satisfied with these sorts of creations. We are yet to know the truth behind the World’s most famous and trending companies as he is a man who doesn’t think small and doesn’t do anything small. His main goals are ranging from “establishing a well-settled human colony on the red planet, Mars” to “keeping the human life safe from the exclusively advanced Artificial Intelligence”.



Five topmost companies, owned and created by Elon Musk

Here lists the five topmost unique as well as interesting companies that are owned and created by Elon Musk.


1. Tesla

An automotive company for generating electric vehicles so as to reduce the pollution that was produced by pre-generation vehicles, named Tesla. It was originated in 2003. After a year, in 2004, Elon Musk came, as a chairman and after some time became its CEO for which he is well known and famous, to run that company with the un-chased speed and provided support to make it trending. It was run with the strategy of creating effective electric cars in masses and sell them accordingly. Telsa made an electric sports car, named as Tesla roadster, in 2008. After this achievement, it also made some advanced vehicles such as the Model S sedan, very well known as the world’s best-selling car. Currently, it sells 4 models of car:

Out of these models, Model 3 became the most sold model that is a plug-in electric car. It broke the world’s record and took the company to its peak.  

2. SpaceX

The name can suggest to you and give you a glimpse of the motive behind this company. Has anyone thought of life on another planet far away from Earth or anyone thought of roaming on Mars? That is what Elon Musk did. He founded SpaceX in the year 2002, the company that manufactures and launches rocket in space with a mission of finding a living reality on other planets. As it is known that it has held many world records and also became the first company in the history that managed and put a satellite under Earth’s orbit with its Falcon 1 rocket, in September 2008. Elon Musk dreamed of making Mars a living planet, creating a Mars colony, with a human population of 80,000 people by the year 2040. It might be science fiction but who knows? Previously it was also not thought of having an artificial human with the efficiency better than humans but it also came to action and now we have the humanoid robots also. Living on other planets with these sorts of luxuries might be a reality of the future.


3. Neuralink

Having a mind with mysterious and extra mind powers would one of the marvelous approaches of Artificial Intelligence to give humans the machine-like powers. Neuralink’s aim is long-lasting for the future also. Elon Musk, in 2016, co-created Neuralink by a fictitious concept that is “Neural lace”, an interface between a brain and a computer, which is implanted into the human’s brain and provides the mind-reading capability among the other things.

The current project of Neuralink includes a device that can be used to implant a number of very thin electrode threads simultaneously into the human brain to know the thoughts directly via those threads from the human brain. The experiments were done on rats by implanting 1500 electrodes into its brain and announced to stat the human trials in 2020 with the hope of getting the positive results from there also.

4. OpenAI

While connecting with the technologies linked to Artificial Intelligence somehow it may be genuine to think about the time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes so advanced that it may be supposed to control human beings also or even lead to the extinction of humans, being sophisticated to some extent. It might be a big scary question about a real concern for human life. Keeping the thought in mind, Elon Musk created OpenAI (in December 2015) which mainly aims to make sure that the AI that will be created or that has been created is safe and more than that very useful for humans to deal with bigger tasks in some minutes. It may be helpful for the people around the world to work with less effort and great efficiency with no such load of the massive task.

Apart from this, its mission is to make sure about the AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) that doesn’t make any harm (intentionally) to the living life. Elon Musk’s strategy tells us that the AI can be safe in the form of AGI which actually means any machine that is well stuffed to perform the valuable tasks (economically & globally) at the human level or even far better than them.

5. The Boring Company

Now, here is something interesting! Elon Musk, when stuck in traffic one day, thought something that was entirely different. He tweeted that “I am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging…”. This might be funny but true. He, then, created a privately funded company for tunnel construction i.e., The Boring Company so as to fix the transport system problems. Accordingly, to avoid the road traffic, he wanted to create that tunnel that would be capable of driving autonomous electrical vehicles that probably carry people from place to place at a speed of 250km/hr. The speed might be insane and probably will be able to decrease the traffics, traveling costs, and consumption of time. So many tunneling projects are going on, currently.


"A great personality is very well known for its great discoveries."

We can say that there is nothing on this earth that Elon Musk is not supposed to think or do.